Honey, I’m Home

A little bit of peace ad quiet can go a long way. Sometimes it’s just nice to be by yourself and not have to laugh at your SO’s bad jokes for a little bit. Sure, you love them to bits, but you just want some damn alone time occasionally, yeah?

Fair enough.

Maybe you even fudge the truth a little to bide yourself some time, just so you can finish the bubble bath and magazine in solitude. Nothing wrong with a little white lie every so often, especially if it’s for a good cause like a good Cosmo article.

Of course there was someone who was going to take it a little far. I mean, shit. That is some serious business right there. If my beau and I don’t want to spend time together, we just won’t, and that’s that. I’m sure we could make up plenty of bullshit excuses as to why we just can’t make time, but put him on a list of suspected terrorists?

That’s a no no, even for me. And I am an awful bitch.

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